New Indoor Lacrosse Facility – update

The Calgary Lacrosse community recently celebrated the announcement that a 10 acre parcel of land has been set aside for development of Calgary’s first dedicated lacrosse facility. The development plans call for year-round indoor dry pads, as well as an additional outdoor sports field. Our new center (Legacy Sports Centre) will be a home not only for lacrosse, but will open its doors to the sporting community of Calgary.

Read more about this here from a CBC article in 2015.

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Here is a recent update from Brian J Couronne, Chairman Building Development Committee. March 1, 2016:

After many years of hard work we are excited that we are now progressing in to the next phase of our development of the Calgary Lacrosse Facility and with help from City Council we have finally got rid of the $1.3 million Acreage Assessment Tax that was levied on the site. To our dismay, this created a year long delay to our project.

So now that we are moving forward again, we have completed both the survey and geo technical of the site and have made application for a pre-development permit. The next step is to finalize our plans with any recommendations from the pre-application process and then submit them for development permit.

The facility will be completed in 4 Phases and the first phase will consist of the Structure and one rink. Funding opportunities will dictate the timing of the completion of rink 2. Expansion of rinks 3 and 4 will be built as funding permits.

We hope the Lacrosse Community will embrace the efforts to date and help us with fundraising. We are currently short on funding to finish rink 2 and are asking for help to complete this! Please be advised that we are volunteers and we are doing this for the Love of the Sport and for the future growth of Lacrosse in the Calgary Community!

We ask that if you would like to donate, or know of a Corporation that is interested or provide services in-kind to the project please contact us to get in contact with organizing committee members.

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