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(FAQ) – Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Winter Lacrosse?
  • The main focus of Calgary Winter Lacrosse is on teaching and improving basic lacrosse skills, and having fun!
  • The players are not divided into teams, they are in an age appropriate group and are guided by certified players of the Jr. B Tier I Mountaineers
  • As the players get better at their skills, the coaches will run scrimmages to help the players learn how the game is played
What lacrosse equipment do I need?
  • We require FULL equipment to be worn at all times for box lacrosse
  • We have enclosed pictures below for your reference, courtesy of the CDLA website (click on the image to enlarge):




  • All players are required to wear full gear, helmet, and mouth guards
  • You can purchase equipment at Chex Sports
  • They will be able to help you with all your needs and be able to properly fit you

They are located at #13, 11625 Elbow Dr SW

Phone number 403-281-2439

What age are the players and how are the groups divided out?
  • U8 – ages 5-8 years
  • U12 – ages 9-12 years
  • U16 – ages 13-16 years
  • Groups are based on your child’s birthday as of December 31st of the current year
  • Sorry, we do not have a Junior program – check your local club for drop in times or new programs for Junior players
  • Start times for each session are found on our registration page and are emailed at the time of registration
Who can play?
  • Anyone can play! Boys and girls play together
  • This is a skill-building program for new and returning lacrosse players alike
Is Winter Lacrosse open to all organizations?
  • Yes, anyone from any club, is welcome to join the Calgary Winter Lacrosse Program
Is there full contact?
  • There may be incidental contact from other players during drills or mock scrimmages.
  • Players, parents, spectators, and coaches are all advised to pay attention at all times as loose balls may escape the netted area(s).
  • Parents who access the field for any reason, or who participate in our Kids vs. Parents session-ending game could be in contact with other players or balls/sticks, etc.
  • All players are required to wear full gear, helmet, and mouth guards for their protection, and spectators are advised to be alert
What is your Code of Conduct?

Parents and players are expected to follow these basic guidelines:

  • Demonstrate sportsmanship by setting a good example
  • Use appropriate-aged language
  • Show pride, sportsmanship, respect for the game, and the judgement of the coaches
Is this a good starting point for someone who has never played before?
  • Yes, Calgary Winter Lacrosse works on learning and improving basic lacrosse skills
  • Beginners are welcome!
My child has never played before, how can I help them be better prepared?
  • You can work on the basic skills of passing, catching and cradling with your child
  • Chex Sports also has a number of items to help your child with improving their skills
Are boys and girls grouped separately?
  • No, the boys and girls will play together
  • This is a co-ed skills program and the children will be placed in their age appropriate group
Why do you need my Alberta Health Care number?
  • We require this for our own insurance policy, and in the event of any accidental contact or injury that may occur, we can provide this to the health care providers straight away
What is your refund policy?
  • Refunds may be requested up to the start of the applicable session, less administration fees for payment and refund processing
  • NO refunds will be issued after the first session has begun
  • Any drop out request will surrender your spot in the session(s) registered
Do you play at any other arenas besides the Calgary Soccer Centre?
  • We do not hold sessions at any other arenas at this time
  • When we first started, we played out of the NE Soccer Centre. This was due to space limitations, and the then-named Subway Soccer Centre annex “bubble” dome had collapsed and we had no space to play
  • When the City took the Soccer Centre over, it again became the go-to as one of the few dedicated hard floor surface facilities in the City
  • Hockey arenas put their ice in the fall, and floor time for dry pads to play indoor box lacrosse becomes extremely scarce!
My child has played lacrosse for years and I would like to move him/her into a higher division?
  • As this is a skill-building program, requests to move your child to a higher division are no longer considered
  • Kids must be registered in their appropriate age division, and can only register in the category allowed by SportzSoft. This is for safety and insurance purposes and league rules
  • Majority of the kids who join us are first time players, with a focus on trying the game and learning basic skills
  • Returning players are keen to increase their skills, and to keep fit for the upcoming season
  • Our program is not an intermediate or advanced training ground, and you should consider this before registering. There are other associations or programs you can find that are available for more advanced training or conditioning, and we encourage you to pursue this course